How it all began and what drives us today

Thanks to the internet, shopping has drastically evolved over the last 10 years and today’s shoppers have come to expect an amazing shopping experience, especially on mobile phone.. However, not all independent retailers and service providers have the time or budget to hire an agency or hire a developer to build a mobile shopping app.

In April 2020, was launched by ecommerce fashion veteran Eamon Downey  with the intention to solve mobile shopping, especially for independent fashion retailers to design, launch and manage an app with no coding or development work required. Eamon is also obsessed in bringing down the cost for Apps that historically are not obtainable to small businesses due to high development costs.

The BizAp team continues to be inspired by the future of mobile with the mission to make mobile shopping easy, fun, and attainable for every independent brand and small business.

‘Our Mission is to create a mobile extension of your brand’

Eamon Downey

Founder |